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We Got This LG!

by Kacey Yoe

Despite difficulties finding various ways to serve our community while still staying safe, one of the first organized events was hanging posters and banners reading “We Got This LG!” all around downtown Los Gatos. This event, organized by Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce, was designed to spread positivity and support to fellow Los Gatos residents.

President Garrett Yoe and I went out on April 16th late at night to, hopefully, leave others surprised and grateful the following morning and days forth. We received immediate gratitude and thankfulness from those who were still out, which was extremely rewarding and encouraging. We strategically placed the large posters and banners in places where many would see and appreciate them, such as the banner at the northern entrance to downtown to welcome those who are driving in. Others involved with the Chamber of Commerce set up smaller posters and yard signs in different parts of Los Gatos to please crowds who may not be going downtown.


Almost a month later, they remain up, continuing to promote positivity, togetherness, and safety during these tough times. I drove through downtown for the first time since, and I felt rewarded to see the signs still up. From a new eye, I realized their importance, as we may start feeling down and frustrated from being separated and distanced for so long. These reminders help to keep our hopes up and encourage us that we will get through these challenges together.

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