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May Service Events

by Avni Hulyalkar

As we approach the long-awaited summer, our LGHS Key Club continues to brainstorm and execute a variety of service events which we will continue working on after the school year comes to a close. Along with the rest of our division, we have avidly jumped into the race to earn rice with the addicting app, Freerice. This educational game not only teaches participants about the subject of their choice (e.g. English vocabulary, Italian, famous quotes…), but for every question answered right, the revenue made from ads allows 10 grains of rice to be donated to people around the world facing starvation! Personally, I thought it was an entertaining way to spend my abundant amount of free time and a fun way to raise money for a pressing cause.


Recently, we held an end of the year meeting via Zoom to discuss service opportunities for the present and the future. During the meeting itself, we wrote cards and decorated posters for the Home Sweet Home Service Project. Our appreciative artwork will be sent to the staff of nursing homes, such as The Terraces of Los Gatos and The Creeks Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care.

We also brainstormed new projects we can implement during our long stretch of vacation. One positive aspect of remotely participating in Key Club is that we can continue doing our service events throughout summer! Some of our many projects include getting involved with meal deliveries to seniors by helping the LG Methodist Church with packaging and distributing. Previously, our members made calls to these seniors to help organize the deliveries; now, we are happy to dive even deeper into this system!

Looking forward, we plan to provide fun virtual events, like art lessons, book clubs, movie nights, or even leadership webinars for the cooped up kids/teenagers in our community. Members have also come up with a plethora of ideas for online fundraisers. To name a few, we have “Peer to Peer Fundraising,” in which members can tutor other students online and “Teach Your Talent” where members can share their skills with others to raise money. Now, we are sure to be blissfully busy as we set off into summer!

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