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Hot Chocolate Fundraiser

by Avni Hulyalkar

A cool November breeze swept through my frizzy hair as I grinned at the table in the middle of Fisher Middle School’s campus. Even as a seventh grader, I could appreciate the efficient workings of our well-oiled machine as our Builder’s Club members took orders, filled up hot chocolate, tossed in marshmallows, squirted whipped cream, and collected cash. And even with my limited knowledge, I knew that the long, winding line, antsy for a sip of the delicious cocoa, was a good sign. Our first hot chocolate fundraiser was a success!

After all the meetings we’d held to iron out details, finalize plans, and delegate tasks, our idea had transformed into a genuine success. With minimal help from adults, we’d brightened the middle schoolers’ day with hot chocolate and we had raised money to buy groceries for the House of Hope! For me, this was the first time I felt like a contributing member of this community, like my actions and ideas and time could directly help those in need. I felt independent, yet also connected to my fellow club members, smiling as they passed out hot chocolate, connected to the school body, flocking toward the stand, and connected to the families out there who would receive those groceries.

Hot Chocolate

Shaking the bottle of whipped cream, I plopped a healthy dollop on top of the aromatic liquid and handed it to the next customer in line.

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