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Holiday Shopping Spree

by Kacey Yoe

I had two major Key Club moments that made me be proud to be not only a Key Clubber, but a Supertrooper as well. The first happened during our annual club event with Sundays Friends. We all gathered at a local Pizza My Heart and brainstormed ideas for the future while still having a good time. We were off to Target to buy toys and other items for children in need for Christmas with a base of 

about one hundred dollars plus any previously raised money. Although we split up to pick out what we thought the assigned group would enjoy, we still came together as a team every so often to make decisions regarding our budget and thoughts about any of the chosen toys. At the end, we had a total slightly above our budget, but instead of taking away stuff, I offered the twenty dollars in my phone case so that other kids could enjoy their Christmas. Then another member offered their change, and another, and so on. Everyone chipped in so that other people could be happy. I was proud to be a part of my club as everyone was there to serve our community and spread positivity.


My other Key Club moment happened at the division’s November DCM. Seeing all of the people who were courageous enough to donate a thankful dollar and speak to all the other Supertroopers, K-Kids, Kiwanis members, etc. encouraged me to do the same. Later during the blanket making service event, some began to tire of the repetitive tying. A fellow Supertrooper and I kept being ambitious with the number of blankets we were to make and encouraged others to do the same. Soon enough, the people around us were more upbeat about everything, and those who finished their blankets helped others finish theirs too, no matter who it was. Everyone was excited to work with one another, and I met a lot of new people. I was proud to be part of such a friendly and hardworking community.

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