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Los Gatos Creek Trail Cleanup

by Avni Hulyalkar

On the fourth Saturday of October, also known as Kiwanis One Day, members around the world gathered to help their communities. Los Gatos Key Club participated by kickstarting our first trail cleanup of the year! When we opened up the opportunity to the entire division, we were shocked to see more than 40 members arrive bright and early Saturday morning. Of course, everyone wore masks to make the event as safe as possible. For many of us, this was the first time we saw our friends across the division since early March, before we went into quarantine. Needless to say, it was extremely exciting to talk to both old and new members as we hiked along the Los Gatos Creek Trail and St. Joe’s mountain, picking up trash.

The excitement and passion was palpable as Key Clubbers went above and beyond to attain a single plastic bag or gum wrapper. Some of the more exotic finds included a car battery and giant slabs of wood. People balanced on the tops of steep slopes to grab discarded candy bars, and they braved prickly grasses to get their hands on soda cans. It was extraordinarily satisfying to return a stretch of nature to its pristine condition. After we returned, our days were further sweetened by a sample of the “cherry-ty” turnovers being sold by Kiwanis members. The whole event was not only a great way to help our community, it also acted as a fun division bonding event. Trail cleanups like this will continue to be hosted by LG Key Club bimonthly. Join us next time for an awesome experience and a fun time!

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