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Los Gatos Gives

by Avni Hulyalkar

Los Gatos Key Club recently helped the Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce with their LG Gives Project, in which gift packages were delivered to the elderly in our community. The event had two main parts. First, our members were encouraged to write friendly messages on cards for the gift boxes. These were hopeful messages designed to keep spirits up and strengthen community connections despite the isolation of the pandemic. The second part involved strolling through the downtown Farmers’ Market on Sunday, February 7, and purchasing treats. These ranged from pears to flowers to loaves of ciabatta bread! Key Clubbers packaged these treats along with lotions and candles from local businesses. In this way, we not only spread a sense of community to our senior citizens, we also supported local businesses. With the packaged goods, members were encouraged to think of senior citizens in their neighborhoods who may live alone and appreciate a gift. In addition, some were delivered to the elderly living at the Terraces.


Jeanette Li, our new Vice President of Fundraising, helped buy, package, and deliver the gifts. According to her, “I really enjoyed going out to the farmers’ market and seeing what it has to offer as there are a lot of fresh and tasty options. I also enjoyed just browsing with my friends and peers! It's always nice to just socialize and familiarize yourself with your community. I didn't even know we had a Chamber of Commerce! The best part was giving the gifts away. My neighbor asked ‘How much?’ when my friend and I offered her the package. When we said ‘Oh! It's free!’ her smile and appreciation made me feel a little happier.” By spreading positivity and supporting local businesses, the LG Gives project was a perfect way to tackle the isolation of the pandemic.

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