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No-Sew Blanket Making

by Avni Hulyalkar

On Saturday, November 20, Los Gatos Key Club was invited to participate in a division service project: No-Sew Blanket Making. These blankets were then donated to the Grateful Garment Project. When sexual assault victims arrive at the hospital, their clothing is subject to a forensic examination to find DNA evidence. Meanwhile, the victims can only wear the provided hospital gown. The Grateful Garment Project strives to provide victims of sexual assault with clothing and blankets to help restore their dignity.


For four hours that Saturday, volunteers cut strips and tied knots to transform colorful sheets of fabric into blankets. I’m proud to say I finished knotting nine blankets, chipping a bit away at the lofty goal that had been set for the weekend! The event was a great way to talk to new people while creating a product that would help people. Another four hour slot on Sunday gave opportunities to different people to participate as spots were limited to ensure the area was not crowded and social distancing protocols were followed. Furthermore, some motivated volunteers brought blankets home to continue working at accomplishing the goal.

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