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Building a Website

by Avni Hulyalkar

Los Gatos High School Key Club has maximized our time spent away from school, and in addition to brainstorming and executing numerous service events, we have made some long-term advances to our club’s accessibility. Hunter Beesley, our Communications Officer, has been working hard to design a website for our very own LGHS Key Club! According to Hunter, “The website will help keep current members informed, while at the same time drawing in prospective members who might have been interested in Key Club and are looking to learn more about what we do.” With a calendar of upcoming events, the website is one more resource for members to stay updated and organized. Any questions or ideas can be voiced effortlessly by typing a message into the “Contact Us” feedback space. The website also includes many pictures of past successes. We hope people will see these and be inspired to participate in future events!

In order to foster that excitement, I created a page to display some of the stories behind these events, as well as an area with the favorite Key Club Moments of various members. Not only was the page’s end result rewarding, I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the colors and fonts to elicit the best user experience––although I may have wasted a bit too much time wondering if a neon background was the way to go.

D12W_WB_#1 (1).png

Hunter also “really enjoyed making the website” and “tweaking the designs and functions of the website in order to satisfy the needs of our club.” Furthermore, knowing how to design a website is an extraordinary skill to have, especially in this world of technology. About his experience, Hunter reveals how he has “learned a lot about what makes a good design” and “about the work and processes needed to make successful and aesthetically pleasing webpages.” While it is still in the building process, we hope to get it up and running in time for the new school year’s rush of incoming freshmen and new key clubbers!

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