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April Service Events

by Avni Hulyalkar

After the unfortunate shelter in place order, our LGHS Key Club has been resiliently brainstorming new service and fundraising opportunities! Already, club members have been busy writing letters to the amazing healthcare workers at Good Sam Hospital. In writing these letters, we are able to express our gratitude for the superheroes working long hours at saving lives. Hopefully, reading these messages will elicit a smile and bring a bit of joy into these difficult times.


LGHS Key Club is determined to spread positivity throughout our entire community. Our newly elected president, Garrett Yoe, and vice president of fundraising, Kacey Yoe, have been working hard putting up signs all over Los Gatos downtown, which display the inspiring message, “We Got This LG!” These bright green signs catch the eye a mile away and evoke a feeling of hope and connectivity. Personally, when I drove through downtown, seeing those signs in every store window and on every blank wall, I was struck with a sense of togetherness. Despite the physical distance, I’d never felt closer to this community.

As another way to reach out to our community, members have been making phone calls to senior citizens and offering hot dinners to be delivered through a program founded by the Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce. In addition to organizing the deliveries, our goal is to make conversation with the seniors, reduce a bit of that loneliness, and remind them that we are all in this together. Furthermore, in the future, we plan to get involved with the distribution of the meals. While there are still many details to hash out with making physical deliveries, we are determined to make it a reality.

Looking forward, LGHS Key Club strives to continue making a positive impact on the attitude of our community while providing assistance to those who need it. In order to do this from a distance, we must be creative in our methods and persistent in accomplishing our goals. In addition to our current activities, we will participate in remote events like CNH’s Eliminate Week and carry on brainstorming new service and fundraising ideas.

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